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    jobs finished after max 3 weeks from project approval

  • Competences

    in-house experienced creative and design department

As a concept, we are new to the printing market, but as companies and people – we have been operating in it for years. Thanks to our extensive experience, we can offer customers something that would seem impossible: a product that is better than that of the existing players, at a lower price and… faster.

Thanks to tried-and-tested suppliers such as KEA, Joppol and STAMP Systems, we have access to modern machinery, enabling us to complete the most sophisticated projects quickly and efficiently.

Our strength is our experienced design and construction team, combining marketing flair with technical precision: our products not only look good, but also perform their display functions reliably

In addition, our activities go far beyond production. By choosing to work with us, you take much of the merchandising work off your shoulders. This way you can focus on what matters most: your business.

Comprehensive service

Regardless of whether you just need stands for merchandise display, packaging or A to Z support for your in-store loyalty program – we will handle any order.

Full selection

We design and manufacture stands for the display of FMCG and high-value goods, packaging and POSM materials.


We handle the production of large and small batches of materials. We will package the material according to your specifications or send you ready-made, pre-stocked stands - according to your requirements.


Everything you expect – and more.

What we offer is not only the design of stands, packaging or POS materials. In the case of companies such as ours, this goes without saying. Similarly, the packaging of materials (we will do this according to your specifications) or the stocking of stands. However, we also do something that hardly anyone in the market does: we handle loyalty programmes comprehensively.

Comprehensive service for loyalty programmes

The loyalty programme in retail outlets is quite a challenge: preparing prizes, merchandising materials, organising the system for awarding “points” the logistics involved in giving out prizes, managing unused gadgets… The last thing you need is to assign each of these tasks to a different company and coordinate their work.
With us, you can avoid this.

  • We will produce, in cooperation with the most experienced and trusted suppliers on the market, materials related to the loyalty programme (stickers, booklets).
  • We will design, produce and – if you need us to – stock dedicated loyalty stands and gadgets.
  • We will also take care of the inventory and reintroduction of unused gadgets.

Of course, there is nothing to prevent us from being entrusted with only part of these tasks if our competitors prove to be more attractively priced – but that will be difficult!


We design and manufacture
  • floor and counter stands
  • POSM materials
  • packaging: advertising, unit, bulk, inner carton, master carton,
  • hangers, bands and more
Possible production technologies
  • offset printing
  • digital printing
  • laminating
  • die-cutting
  • refining
Raw materials
And all of this is based on raw materials
  • corrugated cardboard
  • solid cardboard
  • metal
  • wood
  • plastics
We combine aesthetics with technical precision

We have an experienced team of designers who are able to combine striking design with structural stability and strength. As a result, unlike many of our competitors, we offer stands not only for FMCG products (food and non-food), but also for high-value goods (e.g. electronics).
Of course, refinements of all kinds (varnishes, foils, hot-stamping, others) are an everyday occurrence for us.

We are flexible

We use reputable manufacturers; we print in offset and digital, which allows us to handle both large and small or highly diverse orders. Our products are made from corrugated and solid cardboard.
We will deliver our products to you as you need them – folded, in fixed size packages? No problem. Each product will come with clear, simple instructions – anyone can handle it. Already assembled and stocked, on a pallet, half pallet or quarter pallet? You can count on us.

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